Set of LED displays for Zaccaria pinball machines (blue or white)


7 digits LED displays (blue / white) for Zaccaria pinball machines



New and complete 7 digits LED displays (blue or white) for Zaccaria pinball machines

This is a kit version!

This display is a complete set (LED module and new electronic board).
The display is the answer to the pinball lovers who were looking for new colors and technology for their Zaccaria displays, those displays are suitable only for the 7 digits Zaccaria pinball machines.
It has a brightness regulator in order to adapt the LEDs brightness to the old displays.
It is not necessary to be an expert do assemble the display, just a good soldering machine and some passion.
A complete and detailed assembly guide is provided with the kit.

This new and complete LED display replaces the old gas display and operates with 5 volts voltage already present into the pinball machine.
You don’t have to replace all the displays since you can use both led and original displays at the same time.

You don’t have to modify anything inside the pinball, the display is plug and play and can be installed on any Zaccaria electronic pinball.

Let’s have a resume of the advantages of this display:
– brigthness regulator;
– a test button for testing the led segments;
– a microswitch in order to select the right display position inside the pinball machine;
– No more nasty High Voltage;
– Very low current usage, no worries for your 5v power regulator;
– Easy to assemble, very basic knowledge is enough to do the job;
– Plug&Play – no modifications needed on your old pinball machine;
– Beauty black finish
– Designed in Europe
– 2 years warranty
– Light shield foams (new!)

The complete display is composed by the electronic board and one LED module.

In order to keep the price as low as possible those displays are sold in DIY kits very easy to assemble and solder.

Set types

5 x 7 Digits (Gen 2):
Devil Riders, Pinball Champ 7 digits, Farfalla, Time Machine


Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Kit version

This product is shipped in kit and needs to be assembled.

Set Type

5 x 7 Digits (Blue), 5 x 7 Digits (White)


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