– Change of PayPal refund policy

Dear customers, due to a PayPal policy change, all refund requests not depending on our responsibility will be charged for the PayPal fees we may be obliged to pay.

This doesn’t apply to refunds generated under our responsibility.

All other payment methods are not impacted by this new policy.

Why this change?
Beginning of March, PayPal changed the refund rules and all paid fees for a payment transaction will no longer be reversed to the merchant account.
This results in a net cost of 3-4% of the transaction.
As you can imagine, we cannot support such costs if the refund is requested by the customer without a valid reason.

Paypal Agreement extract:

A3.4 Commercial Transaction Refunds If you refund a Commercial Transaction payment, there are no fees to make the refund, but the fees you originally paid to receive the payment are not returned to you.


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