Those conditions apply to all your orders:

  • own products have 2 Years Warranty and will be repaired or replaced in case of defect not depending on incorrect installation or assembly.
    When possible we will send you the relevant spare parts in order to solve the eventual problem otherwise customers will have to ship the defective item back to us in order to repair or replace it.
    Customer pays initial shipping, we pay the return shipping fees.
  • Shipping methods depend on the destination country.
    For some countries (France, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, …) you can chose between ‘Access Point’ delivery and ‘Flat rate’ standard delivery. ‘Access Point’ method will use alternative courriers in order to keep shipping fees as low as possible.
    For USA, Canada and Australia we only have the ‘Flat rate’ option and delivery time after shipping is on average 10 days (for USA).
  • Shipping delay after payment confirmation is about 5 days but we usually ship within few days.
    Delay may vary in some circumstancies and you’ll be promptly informed.
  • You have 15 days delay for refund requests in case of product not fitting your needs.
    If you ask for refund on items sold in kit and already assembled you’ll be charged for 50% restock fees. This means that we will only refund 50% of the item price when already assembled.