is the specialized website for LED displays & Zaccaria products.
LED displays for Zaccaria, Bally/Stern, Bally/Midway, Williams & Data East, Gottlieb, Stern.

Some of our products:

DMD LED displays (128×32 & 128×16)
LED displays for all Zaccaria electronic pinball machines
LED displays for Bally/Stern/Bell Games, Bally/Midway, Williams & Data East pinball machines
Diagnostic tools for Zaccaria CPUs and Driver boards
NVRAM replacements for 5101, 6514 & 6264 cmos ram memory
New Zaccaria CPU boards 1B1165/evo, 1B1110/evo & driver board 1B1166/evo for pinball machines
Zaccaria pinball parts (NOS or Refurbished)
Bally/Stern & Zaccaria display tester
SRAM, PIA, DRAM & PSRAM inquisitor tester from NeoLoch

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