Summer closing in August

Last orders will be shipped by 12th of August!

New orders introduced as of 12th of August will be shipped beginning of September is the specialized website for LED displays & Zaccaria products.

Some of our products:

DMD LED displays (128×32 & 128×16)
LED displays for all Zaccaria electronic pinball machines
LED displays for Bally/Stern/Bell Games, Bally/Midway, Williams & Data East pinball machines
Diagnostic tools for Zaccaria CPUs and Driver boards
NVRAM replacements for 5101, 6514 & 6264 cmos ram memory
New Zaccaria CPU boards 1B1165/evo, 1B1110/evo & driver board 1B1166/evo for pinball machines
Zaccaria pinball parts (NOS or Refurbished)
Bally/Stern & Zaccaria display tester

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of queries.