20 LEDs bargraph module for lamp & output testing


20 LEDs bargraph for lamp & output testing

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LED test module for G1 and G2 Zaccaria pinball machines.

This led module is specific to Zaccaria G2 driver boards since can directly be plugged into the 20pin headers (CN18, CN19, CN20, CN21, CN22) and can be used directly on a running pinball machine for lamps output testing purposes.
It aids in identifying bad SCRs or ICs on the lamp outputs of the G2 driver board

When directly connected to a Zaccaria driver board inside a pinball machine it will give you the possibility to run the lamp self test program if your CPU works correctly.
The lamp outputs LED will blink and will help you to identify the faulty outputs.

It can also be used in order to test different outputs of other electronic boards.
It contains 20 inputs channels to be connected to ground outputs and one +5V common input.

With this configuration you can use the 20 LEDs module to troubleshoot the different outputs of a Zaccaria CPU board and/or Zaccaria driver board.

The board uses a female 20pin header and a male IDC20 connector and can plug directly to the lamp output of a Zaccaria G2 driver board or can be connected to the IDC20 header of the Zaccaria CPU board using a standard flat ribbon 20 Pin cable.
In order to connect it to a Zaccaria G1 driver board you need a special converter for G1 driver boards which can be ordered separately.

Main features:
– Can be directly used on a driver board
– Can be directly connected to a G2 Zaccaria driver board
– You can connect it to a G1 Zaccaria driver board using a G1 connection harness
– Can be used in series with other modules thanks to the easy wire-jumpers connections
– Can be used for other purposes like testing CPU outputs with Leon testing tools using the IDC 20 pin header
– Very small and compact thanks to the LEDs graph bar
– Easy to assemble and competitive price

Diagnostic on a lamp circuit of a driver board have never been that easy!!!

This module is sold in kit to assemble.
The crocodile wire needed to get the 5v input current is not provided.

The kit includes:

1 PCB board
1 IDC male 20 pin header
1 20 pin header
2 LED graph bars
1 Female-Female wire-jumper

This module can be used with other brands as well but currently we optionally provide you only Zaccaria connecting harnesses.


Additional information

Kit version

This product is shipped in kit and needs to be assembled and soldered.


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