CMOS 5101


RAM 5101

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5101 CMOS replacement for Zaccaria G1 & G2 pinball machines


Replace the old IC7 CMOS PCD5101 MCM5101 MCM51L01 RAM

Can also be used to replace the 2101 RAM on IC8 and IC21 for G1 machines and IC23 for G2 Zaccaria pinball machines.

It is provided with a free 22 pins socket needed to replace the old 2101 ICs.


G1 Models:
Future World, Earth Wind Fire, Space Shuttle, Fire Mountain, Shooting the Rapids, Winter Sports, Star God, House of Diamonds, Hot Wheels, Locomotion

G2 Models:
Soccer Kings, Pinball Champ, Pinball Champ ’82, Devil Riders, Pinball Champ 7 digits, Farfalla, Time Machine, Magic Castel, Robot, Black Belt, Clown, Mexico 86, Pool Champion, Stars Phoenix, Spooky, Zankor, New Stars Phoenix.



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