Easy assembly option for Bally/Stern display set


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This option allows you to upgrade a basic set of Bally/Stern displays to a display set partially assembled and soldered, the electronic board arrives assembled and with IC sockets, the LED module needs to be soldered.

This option allows you to save time and money (compared to the fully assembled set) with a little solder work to perform.

In details:

– The electronic board is fully assembled and soldered (except for the brightness potentiometer);
– Brightness regulators (potentiometer) need to be soldered on the board (not mandatory as the displays work at full power without the potentiometer);
– ICs need to be installed on the sockets present on the boards;
– The LED module needs to be assembled and soldered (LEDs + connecting header).

If you don’t feel comfortable with too much solder work or you don’t want to go through the full assembly process and you still want to save money compared to the fully assembled option you can add this “Easy assembly” option to your order together with a “Bally/Stern display set”.

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