LED display for Bally Harley Davidson and Dr Dude (WPC 89)


LED display for Bally HD and Dr. Dude

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LED display board Mod. DB-12739/HD for Bally Harley Davidson & Dr Dude (WPC 89) pinball machines.

This board replaces the original gas display Bally model A-12739-1 & A-12794 with its LED technology.
The displays reproduce the original orange color.
The Harley Davidson LED display is Plug & Play and easy to install.

Advantages & Features:
– Low power consumption (works with internal 5v power)
– No High Voltage anymore
– Long-lasting led displays
– Adjustable brightness
– Plug & Play installation
– Only alphanumeric led displays for better global aesthetic
– Beauty black finish
– Simple design using common components
– No more nasty UDN7180A
– All ICs socketed for easy replacement
– Designed and assembled in Europe
– 2 years warranty
– Light shield foams
– Flat ribbon cables included!

This set replaces the Harley Davidson and Dr Dude (WPC) display boards and their electronic controller.

Included in the set:
– 2 display boards to replace the original A-12794
– 1 main controller to replace the original A-12739-1
– 2 flat ribbon cables for the connection between the displays and their electronic controller.
– Light shield foams

Be aware that you cannot mix old and new boards.
Mixing up boards would damage all the connected boards so please remove all the old display boards when installing this new LED display set.

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Weight 800 g

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