LED display for Williams pinball machines DB-10749


LED display for Williams pinball machines DB-10749

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New LED display board Mod. DB-10749 for Williams Sys9 pinball machines.

This set of boards replaces the original gas displays Williams model D-10479 with its LED technology.
The displays reproduce the original orange color.
The DB-10749 is Plug & Play and easy to install.

Advantages & Features:
– Low power consumption (works with pinball internal 5v power)
– No High Voltage needed
– Long-lasting led displays
– Adjustable brightness
– Plug & Play installation
– Beauty black finish
– Simple design using common components
– No more nasty UDN7180A
– All ICs socketed for easy replacement
– Integrated self-test switch
– Designed and assembled in Europe
– 2 years warranty
– Light shield foams (new!)

This board is compatible with the following Williams games:

System 9:
– Comet *
– Sorcerer *
– Space Shuttle *

Original boards reference:

* During production of these Williams System 9 games, both the C-8363 and the D-10749 master display boards were used.
If you have one of these games, check which master display board is installed before ordering.
The D-10749 board doesn’t use edge connectors while the C-8363 board does therefore this set of display boards DB-10749 can only be used on pinball machines which have molex header connectors coming from the MPU.

Be aware that when replacing this display you cannot mix old and new boards.
Mixing up boards would damage all the connected boards so please remove all the old display boards when installing this new LED display set.

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