LED display for Williams pinball machines DB-12232-2 (Riverboat Gambler)


LED display for Williams DB-12232-2

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This is a set which includes a display DB-12232 and 2 additional modules for Riverboat Gambler.

This board replaces the original 16×2 digits gas display Williams model D-12232, D-12232-1, D-12232-2 and Data East 520-5030-00 with its LED technology.

The DB-12232 is Plug & Play and easy to install.

Advantages & Features:
– Low power consumption (works with internal 5v power)
– No High Voltage anymore
– Long-lasting led displays
– Adjustable brightness
– Plug & Play installation
– Only alphanumeric led displays for better global aesthetic
– Beauty black finish
– Simple design using common components
– No more nasty UDN7180A
– All ICs socketed for easy replacement
– Designed in Europe
– 2 years warranty
– Light shield foams (new!)

This board is compatible with the following games:

– Riverboat Gambler

The two additional modules are included in this set.

This display can also be used in the following models without the additional modules:

– Bad Cats
– Black Knigth 2000
– Diner
– Earthshaker
– Jokerz
– Rollergames
– Whirlwind
– Police Force
– Taxi

Data East:
– Monday Night Football
– Back to the Future
– Phantom of the Opera
– Robocop
– The Simpsons

4 new spacers are provided together with the display for easy installation.

This board is unique because can be used in any of these pinball machines using a 2×16 digits display no matter if Data East or Williams.

Williams System 11B & 11C


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