Switch Matrix tester for Zaccaria pinball machines


Switch Matrix 64 for Zaccaria

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Switch Matrix tester for Zaccaria pinball machines.

This tool will help you testing defective CPU or will help you finding faulty playfied cabling.

Thanks to this switch Matrix you’ll be quickly able to isolate the problems and identify which part of your pinball machine is causing problems.
Very useful in case you want to build a testing bench.
A must if you regularly repair Zaccaria CPUs.

Cabling is very easy and it is compatible with Generation 1 CPUs and Generation 2 CPUs.

The kit includes:
1 IDC20 ribbon cable 20Cm (you can use any 20Pin straight ribbon cable)
1 G2 converter
1 G1 converter

Some examples:
You will be able to select the different test programs without a working pinball body.
You can select the contact test program and test all the input of the CPU
You can run a pinball game simulating all the playfield switches.

This is a complete bundle which includes all you need to test all Zaccaria CPU models.
All harnesses are included!!!

In order to keep the price as low as possible those displays are sold in DIY kits very easy to assemble and solder. No SMD components.


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