Pinball Solutions RAM – PIA – RIOT Tester

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RAM – PIA – RIOT Tester

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The Pinball Solutions RAM – PIA – RIOT tester allows the testing of several families of ICs.

Excellent solution to test the RAMs and other ICs used inside your pinball machines from several brands like: Zaccaria, Bally, Stern, Williams, Data East, Gottlieb, Game Plan.

You don’t need to be next to a power plug in order to run our tester, a normal USB power bank will do the job, this makes the tester easy to use on the go.

Pinball Solutions RAM – PIA –  RIOT Tester Features:

  • 2 x 16 character LCD display
  • USB Type-B connector for power source
  • 40 pin ZIF socket
  • 3 Control DIP Switches
  • Simple & compact design
  • 4 mounting holes
  • USB Type-A to Type-B cable included
  • Fully assembled and tested


List of ICs

– The static RAMs:

(256×4) 2101, 5101, 9101, 93422, 6551*
(128×8) 6810
(1Kx4) 2114, 2148, 2149, 5047, 5114, 5514, 6148, 6414, 6514, 9114
(1Kx8) 4118*, 8185
(2Kx8) 2016, 2018, 4016, 6116, 6216, 9128, 7C128, M48Z12, M48Z12
(4Kx1) 2147
(8Kx8) 2064, 2464, 2465, 4364, 5565, 6164, 6264, 65764
(16Kx4) 6289*
(32Kx8) W24257, 43256, 62256
(64Kx8) W24512
(128Kx8) 621024
(512Kx8) AS6C4008, K6T4008

– PIA & RIOT**:

The tester supports the following IC families:

6532 RIOT, “Ram IO Timer”
6321, 6520, 6521, 65C21, 6820, 6821, 68A21, 68B21 & 68C21 PIA “Peripheral Interface Adapter”

– Other ICs:

CA3081, TDA3081, ULN2081
CD4724, HEF4724 (used on Zaccaria driver boards)
TBD62083, ULN2803, TBD62003, ULN2003


* The ICs with and * have not been tested in real and cannot be guaranteed for the moment.

** RIOT is a very complex component; the tester could return wrong results especially with Chinese ICs and therefore we do not guarantee the test results.

Additional information

Weight 300 g

Pinball Solutions

2 reviews for Pinball Solutions RAM – PIA – RIOT Tester

  1. T.Beyer (verified owner)

    Bought here a while ago. A quite useful tool but also with some pitfalls. RIOT test does not work correctly with almost 90% of the ICs, therefore unusable. PIA and RAM tests OK with low error rate. The marking for the positioning of the ICs is missing on the test socket, so you have to look at the very short manual every time after a long time. Unfortunately, the test socket is not exactly of the highest quality, which can actually be expected for the price. From my point of view, unfortunately, it was a bad buy.

  2. Joshua

    Very useful tester. it works with all common RAMs and is very fast and compact.
    PIA testing is also very good.
    Good price compared to other similar products.

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