New Zaccaria CPU board 1B1165/evo for G2 pinball machines (black edition)

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Zaccaria CPU/MPU board 1B1165/evo

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New Zaccaria CPU board 1B1165/evo for G2 pinball machines

From a collaboration between Pinball Solutions and PinItaly we present the new Zaccaria CPU / MPU board 1B1165/evo for Generation 2 pinball machines.
This MPU is a brand new product using modern components and innovative solutions.

This board is an evolution of the original MPU and works with all the Zaccaria G2 pinball machines.

It embeds several innovative features which did not exist on the original Zaccaria boards:

  • Modern components easy to find on the market;
  • Replacement of the old and obsolete 3081 with new and recent technology components;
  • Embedded flash rom with all the FREE PLAY game roms; (NEW!)
  • One board can be used on all the G2 Zaccaria pinball machines without replacing the eproms;
  • Easily select the game rom using a dip switch;
  • Compatible also with the old eproms;
  • All socketed ICs for easy diagnostic and repair;
  • Status LEDs for quick diagnostic;
  • Battery support for button cell CR2450;
  • Option for installation of a NVRAM type Cypress FM16W08;
  • Headers on the original position in order to guarantee fully compatibility with original cabling;
  • Plug & Play: remove the old board, fix and connect the new 1B1165/evo;

The model 1B1165/evo replaces and is fully compatible with all previous models 1B1165, 1B1165/0, 1B1165/1, 1B1165/2 which are used in all the 2nd generation Zaccaria pinball machines.

The old CMOS 6514 and 2114 have been replaced by a 6264 sram.

The board is sold without CPU Signetics 2650A.
If you have an old defective CPU board you can remove the 2650A from the old board and install it on the new board **

** The first version of the Signetics 2650 microprocessor (white ceramic model) may not be compatible with this MPU board, check it before.

This board doesn’t need eproms to run, just select the right game model through the dip-switch.

G2 Models:
Soccer Kings, Pinball Champ, Pinball Champ ’82, Devil Riders, Pinball Champ 7 digits, Farfalla, Time Machine, Magic Castel, Robot, Black Belt, Clown, Mexico 86, Pool Champion, Stars Phoenix, Spooky, Zankor

In case of need you can buy a new CPU 2650A HERE


Test on a Devil Riders:


Test on a Time Machine:

Additional information

Weight 800 g

Pinball Solutions

CPU option:

No 2650A included, With 2650A included

6 reviews for New Zaccaria CPU board 1B1165/evo for G2 pinball machines (black edition)

  1. Müller Albert (verified owner)

    Ich habe bei Herrn Gianfri
    eine neue CPU Platine und 5 Stk. Led Anzeigen für Soccer Kings gekauft.
    Es hat alles super geklappt.
    Ich kann diese Firma mit gutem Gewissen weiter empfehlen.
    Herr Gianfri ist auch nach dem Kauf sehr hilfsbereit.
    Für mich ist das nicht 5, sondern 10 X Daumen hoch.
    Herzlichen Dank, Albert Müller aus der Schweiz.

    I have with Mr. Gianfri
    bought a new CPU board and 5 pcs. Led ads for Soccer Kings.
    Everything worked out great.
    I can recommend this company with a clear conscience.
    Mr. Gianfri is also very helpful after the purchase.
    For me that’s not 5, but 10 X thumbs up.
    Thank you very much, Albert Müller.

  2. Laurent

    Awesome board. Worked like a charm straight away! I can finally enjoy my Farfalla! 🙂
    Gianfri was also very honest, making sure that the boards were what I need and that I not wasting money.
    Bought both the CPU and Driver boards, both work just fine! 🙂

  3. Neil

    Great product. Simple to install, was up and running in minutes.

    Thanks very much for producing these products to allow these great old games to live.

    Highly recommended.

  4. Pascal L.

    Très bonne carte. Fabrication de qualité.
    Plug & play, s’installe à la place de l’ancienne carte CPU en quelques secondes.
    Incoutournable pour sauver votre Zaccaria (G2).
    Un grand merci à Gianfri.

  5. ernst-julius (verified owner)

    Great work
    Highly recommended
    CPU board and Driver board 1B1166/evo
    used for Soccer Kings

  6. Mathias (verified owner)


    ich muss wirklich sagen ich bin super zufrieden , mein Pinball Champ 82 funktionierte 16Jahre nicht.
    Zum Glück bin ich auf dieses Board im Internet gestoßen, bin super happy mein Pinball Champ läuft mit dem neuen Board 1B1166/EVO wieder 🙂 . War sehr positiv überrascht war wirklich plug & play.
    Wirklich eine super Arbeit 🙂

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