Tester for transistor array 3081


Tester for transistor array 3081

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Sold in kit to assemble and solder

This tester will help you to detect if an IC TDA3081 / CA3081 / ULN2081 is defect or not.

The procedure is really simple, two switches will give you the answer to your doubts.
In few seconds you’ll be able to test all your 3081 ICs.

This tester is compact and easy, you just need to provide 5V power supply.
Two options are available:
– you can power it up using the USB cable provided with the kit
– you can provide the 5V using you own plug

The USB power cord gives you the possibility to connect and power it from a normal USB port (power bank, laptop, PC, USB power supply, …)

Another important option is the possibility to test the 3081 ICs directly on the board without removing them.
This option is not directly available with the kit but you can build a specific socket in order to do so.

Assembly instructions provided with the kit.

In order to keep the price as low as possible those displays are sold in DIY kits very easy to assemble and solder. No SMD components.

Additional information

Kit version

This product is shipped in kit and needs to be assembled and soldered.


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