NVRAM 5101


NVRAM 5101

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NVRAM 5101 CMOS replacement for Zaccaria G1 pinball machines

NVRAM 5101 CMOS replacement for Zaccaria G1 pinball machines

Get rid of the leaking batteries!
No more corrosion problems!
Replace the old IC7 CMOS PCD5101 MCM5101 MCM51L01 RAM with new technology nonvolatile RAM!

This module already exists from different sellers and with different prices.
Why did I produce this module?
Mostly because it was extremely complicated to get NVRAM to Europe with reasonable shipping fees.
So after some attempts and without the guarantee that they would have worked on Zaccaria I decided to build some budget modules for my own Zaccarias.
Now I’m sharing the final result with anyone who would be interested.

This 5101 replacement is a plug & play module, just remove the old 5101 static RAM, remove the battery pack and place the NVRAM 5101 replacement.
You will just need to program your pinball again and then forget about corrosion problems and expensive obsolete 5101 RAMs!

This module is shipped already assembled and ready to use.
Compatible with all G1 Zaccaria pinball machines.

G1 Models:
Future World, Earth Wind Fire, Space Shuttle, Fire Mountain, Shooting the Rapids, Winter Sports, Star God, House of Diamonds, Hot Wheels, Locomotion

This 5101 NVRAM replacement has been tested on Bally and Zaccaria G1 pinball machines but could also work on other brands.

This NVRAM is not DUAL CE compatible.

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