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December 2016

Our dream becomes true, finally after more than 2 years we decided to develop a website in order to promote our work and our products.

We were mainly producing  products and tools for Zaccaria pinball machines but our market is now extending into Bally/Stern and Williams/Data East LED displays as well.

Current products:
LED displays for Zaccaria Pinball Machines
LED displays for Bally & Stern Pinball Machines
LED display for Williams & Data East Pinball Machines
Diagnostic tools for Zaccaria CPU and Driver boards
NVRAM for 5101 and 6514 cmos ram memory
Zaccaria pinball parts (NOS or Refurbished)

Do not hesitate contacting us for any of your queries.

One Comment

  1. Müller Albert

    Ich habe bei Herrn Gianfri
    eine neue CPU Platine und 5 Stk. Led Anzeigen für Soccer Kings gekauft.
    Es hat alles super geklappt.
    Ich kann diese Firma mit gutem Gewissen weiter empfehlen.
    Herr Gianfri ist auch nach dem Kauf sehr hilfsbereit.
    Für mich ist das nicht 5, sondern 10 X Daumen hoch.
    Herzlichen Dank, Albert Müller aus der Schweiz.

    I have with Mr. Gianfri
    bought a new CPU board and 5 pcs. Led ads for Soccer Kings.
    Everything worked out great.
    I can recommend this company with a clear conscience.
    Mr. Gianfri is also very helpful after the purchase.
    For me that’s not 5, but 10 X thumbs up.
    Thank you very much, Albert Müller.

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