Free Play flash rom for 1B1165/evo


Free play flash rom for 1B1165/evo

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All new CPU boards are now shipped with FREE PLAY flash rom!
You need to buy this flash rom only if you already have a 1B1165/evo CPU with the original flash rom and you want to have the FREE PLAY option.

This is the free play flash rom option for the Zaccaria CPU board 1B1165/evo for G2 pinball machines

This option allow you to enable the free play option on the 1B1165/evo boards.

This option is based on the free play roms developed by David Gersic.

You can either choose this option as standard one while buying a new CPU 1B1165/evo free of charge or buy it as an additional flash rom together with the original one.

If you buy it as additional flash rom you will need to remove the original one in order to install the new one therefore basic skills are needed to avoid damages to the CPU board.

You are entirely responsible for any possible damage caused to your CPU 1B1165/evo during the installation of the new flash rom.

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