New Zaccaria Evo Power board for G1 & G2 pinball machines


Zaccaria Evo PSU board

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New Zaccaria Evo Power board for G1 & G2 pinball machines

This board is being produced and is slowly getting back in stock, next run will be available by end of October.

We present the new Zaccaria Evo Power board for Generation 1 & Generation 2 pinball machines.
This PSU is a brand new product using modern components and innovative solutions.

This board is an evolution of the original Power board and works with all the Zaccaria G1 & G2 pinball machines.

It embeds several innovative features which did not exist on the original Zaccaria boards:

  • Modern components;
  • Replacement of the old and obsolete HV transistors;
  • Redesigned HV section;
  • Coils protection relay;
  • One board can be used on all the electronic Zaccaria pinball machines (including New Star Phoenix);
  • Status LEDs for quick diagnostic;
  • Headers on the original position in order to guarantee fully compatibility with original cabling;
  • Plug & Play: remove the old board, fix and connect the new Power EVO board;
  • Designed and assembled in Europe;
  • 2 years warranty

The Zaccaria Evo Power replaces and is fully compatible with all previous models 1B1109 and 1B1167 including their later revisions.

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Weight 700 g


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