NVRAM Zaccaria G2 dual module 6514/2114


Zaccaria Dual NVRAM 6514/2114

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NVRAM dual module 6514/2114 CMOS replacement for Zaccaria G2 pinball machines


Get rid of the leaking batteries!
No more corrosion problems!
Replace the old IC4 & IC5 CMOS 6514 6414 5514 / 2114 RAMs with new technology nonvolatile RAM!

IC5 on Zaccaria G2 CPU boards is soldered on the board and needs to be desoldered, unless it has already be done before, in order to install the new NVRAM dual module.

This IC4 & IC5 replacement is NOT a plug & play module.

After replacing the CMOS you will just need to remove the battery andprogram your pinball again and then forget about corrosion problems!

This module is shipped already assembled and ready to use.
Compatible with all G2 Zaccaria pinball machines.
The board battery needs to be removed before installing this module.

G2 Models:
Soccer Kings, Pinball Champ, Pinball Champ ’82, Devil Riders, Pinball Champ 7 digits, Farfalla, Time Machine, Magic Castel, Robot, Black Belt, Clown, Mexico 86, Pool Champion, Stars Phoenix, Spooky, Zankor, New Stars Phoenix.

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